"Why pay interest on a loan, when you can earn interest on your investment?"


Growing up, we were taught that to have more money, we simply needed to spend less. So we were given “susu” boxes to help us save towards specific goals. Every passing day was filled with the anticipation of breaking our susu boxes one day to find just enough coins and tightly folded notes to enable us buy that doll, Walkman, Play Station, book, clothing or any other fancy item we wished to buy for ourselves. The joy and pride of knowing that we had some hidden treasure in a box was so satisfying! While our susu boxes taught us the value of patience and discipline, they contributed to a culture of saving towards short term goals which on its own could not give us the financial freedom we so desired. What if we were taught a better culture? A culture where we would not have to hide our money in little boxes but rather put it to work so it could multiply itself to fund our short as well as medium to long term goals? What if we were taught that saving is not an end in itself but rather a mobilization tool for something better: INVESTMENT!

Subsequent to the precedent of the susu system, the savings culture has been even more entrenched and its consequences worsened by the developmental path of the country’s financial system. Following independence, the country’s financial architecture was driven mainly by a perceived lack of credit to local businesses which overtime, led to the creation of institutions that have patterned a certain culture of savings and loans which still persists to date.

Ghana’s banking system has developed to an appreciable level of efficiency which is great for confidence in the payments system and overall stability of the banking system. However, for individuals to attain financial freedom, businesses to thrive and the economy to grow exponentially, there is a need for a positive interplay between savings and investments; not just savings and loans.

A buoyant capital market is critical in helping to develop structured products, build the right understanding and investment culture among our people to help mobilize significant investment funds as well as develop the right leverages to boost the economy. As a key player in the capital market, we have made the commitment to help build a culture of investment in Ghana through right partnerships, trust and bespoke financial solutions.

Right Partnerships

As part of our drive to build a Culture of Investment in Ghana, we have formed a partnership with The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) to embark on a nationwide tour of tertiary institutions with our skills-based Crystal Capital Student CEO Summit (CCSCS). The CCSCS is an entrepreneurship, innovation & investment conference with the mission to discover, develop and mentor the next generation of globally minded entrepreneurs, right from school. Students who attend the Summit have the opportunity to join our student-driven Crystal Investment Club (CiC), where they will have hands-on training in personal financial planning, business modelling, leadership and investment management amongst others. Read more about the Crystal Capital Student CEO Summit

We also consider every client a partner and in order to ensure you feel the same way about us, we make it a point to give you only the best advice that will ultimately inure to our mutual benefits. Our partnerships with The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE), Echoes of Leadership, friends of the media, our clients and regulators as well as strategic alliances with partners outside the country who share in our vision of building a stronger culture of investment in Ghana give us the requisite support in our bid to replace the current vanilla savings and loans culture with a culture of investment.


At Crystal Capital, it is important to us to make investing and financial planning simple, transparent and beneficial to you. We believe that this is the best way to give you confidence in the financial decisions you take and in our ability to help you succeed. Our value driven culture reminds us to be Progressive while pursuing Excellence, Professionalism, Creativity and Integrity in all we do. With a staff well-trained to ensure the highest standards of professional ethics at all times, we have gained the trust of our local and international partners. As a company, we maintain excellent relationships with our regulators and ensure that we keep secure your private information and the assets you entrust to our care.

Bespoke Financial Solutions

In our effort to build a culture of investment, we have found that a “one size-fits-all” approach will not help achieve our goals. We have therefore rolled out a series of campaigns and programs targeted at various segments of the market to help you achieve more in your wealth accumulation journey with us. We have also taken care to ensure that our products and investment plans can be tailored to each client’s specific needs. Read more about our products and services here

The Financially Wise Woman Campaign (FWW)

Over the years, the role of women in society has evolved to transcend their role as primary caregivers of new born babies. Women have increasingly played pivotal roles in the economy as sources of financial support for their families and also as key drivers of the country’s informal business and SME sectors. However, we find that women tend to be less interested in finance or investment related activities and most often than not, have a more conservative approach to investing than men do. Considering that women have a different approach to investing than men do, we have decided to embark on the Financially Wise Woman campaign dedicated to help women achieve more financially. The Financially Wise Woman Campaign aims to educate women about their financial options and how they can achieve financial independence for themselves and their families through investment. Follow this link to join our network of financially wise women on Facebook. Click Here.

Crystal Investment Club (CiC)

Crystal Investment Club (CiC) is the No. 1 student investment club in Ghana, connecting students to wealth accumulation and career development opportunities. It is our aim that through the Crystal Investment Club, we will be able to raise a generation of global business leaders who understand the benefits of prudent long term financial planning and investment.
Currently, the CiC has over four hundred members drawn from eleven tertiary educational institutions in Ghana. Members have access to job readiness training and an opportunity to compete in the Crystal Capital Student CEO Challenge for prizes including office space, website and social media management as well as operational capital. Click here to join
The Club’s slogan: “Spend, Save, Invest!” encourages young people to alter attitudes that do not inure to financial freedom and to master the “art of delayed gratification” for a financially free future.
At Crystal Capital & Investments Limited, we believe that taking prudent financial decisions now is key in personal finance as well as national development. We believe that through our efforts, we can help raise a generation of people who earn interest than we pay interest; a people who spend, save and still invest and are able to take financially “wise” decisions for themselves and their families. We are proud to be Building a Culture of Investment in Ghana through Right Partnerships, Trust and Bespoke Financial Solutions.