Crystal Professional Services

Everyday, you are surrounded by simple, obvious opportunities that can exponentially increase your income and success – Partner with us for success.

Crystal Professional Services (CPS) is a specialized business consultancy division of Crystal Captal. CPS is revolutionising the Ghanaian business landscape by providing tailored corporate strategy development and execution management services for entire value chains of diverse companies. We are the best at helping organisations to reappraise their priorities and unlearn habits which may have been vital for success in the past but are detrimental to survival in the future.

We work with our clients to identify the parts of their business that will enhance value and those that will destroy it. In doing this, we help them introduce innovations into their business model to reverse decline and help bring about growth and profitability.
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Strategy Development & Execution Management

You need the right strategy and the right team to help you success in business. We are here to help.
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Talent Management Services

Did you know that a bad hire costs your company six times the gross salary for a sales representative, fifteen times the gross salary for a manager and 27 times the gross salary for an executive?
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Track Record

Our work speaks for itself.
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Training Calendar

We organise training programmes for individuals and corporate bodies for their personal and organizational development. Don’t miss out on our training sessions.
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