Crystal Investment Plans

We offer our clients a variety of investment plans and help them create and implement strategies targeted at achieving their particular financial goals. The Crystal Investment Plans are designed to give you control over your finances whilst ensuring that we are able to work closely with you in making decisions on the optimum mix of asset classes that will give you high risk-adjusted returns. The idea is that for every stage of life, you should have the best investment plan to help you succeed.

Crystal Wedding Plan

There is a misconception about weddings that the best weddings are big expensive affairs that will surely leave you in debt. What if we told you that we have the perfect plan for you.

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CISA Team Investing Plan

The CISA “team investing” Plan is an investment plan designed to help children Spend, Save, Invest. As a parent, your child looks up to you for their lifestyle choices.

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Crystal Welfare Plan

Putting in place a welfare plan for your employees indicates to them that you value them. This increases their morale and boosts their productivity. The Crystal Welfare Plan has 3 components.

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Crystal Private Wealth Management Plan

This is a bespoke advisory service that incorporates a full range of financial products and services including financial planning and ....

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Crystal Retirement Plan

The mention of “retirement” sends chills down the spines of many old people who feel they have not planned adequately to live a ....

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