Job Seekers Workshop

Ever wondered why you're hardly ever invited to attend job interviews although you've sent out several copies of your CV? Have you asked yourself why you are still searching for a job after attending several job interviews? The answer is simple: to be a successful candidate, you need to be able to communicate excellently and sell your skills both on paper and at job interviews. Come meet our expert HR and Strategy Consulting team at the Crystal Job Seekers' Workshop in January, 2019.   

Why Register 
  • Hands-on training in CV writing and interview skills.
  • CV review form.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Screening for possible job openings

Reviews of Crystal Job Seekers Workshop

Isaac N. Quarshie
I am highly enthused to express my profound gratitude and appreciation to the entire Crystal Job Seekers Team for organizing such a workshop. The impact of the program on my life and other invitees of mine is immeasurable. I would like to say a special thank you to Mr. Ofori and Miss Honya for facilitating such an educative workshop. I would be glad if more of these programs could be organized very often to probably help reduce the unemployment rate in Ghana since most job seekers are lacking the requisite knowledge to put together an effective and compelling Curriculum Vitae that can best project their skills and qualities to gain selection for an interview call up as well as how to excel during the interview session in order to beat competition from others and secure the job. These are but a few of the things I have learnt from the workshop:

a)  how to draft a compelling and winning Curriculum Vitae
b)  how to write a meaningful and error-free cover letter
c)  how to prepare adequately for an interview and lastly
d)  having knowledge of key questions that employers usually ask during interviews
Once again we are grateful for such a wonderful workshop.
Clara Adade
The Crystal Job Seekers Workshop was phenomenal! I really appreciate the insight provided and the time spent in giving my CV a professional touch.