Crystal Welfare Plan & Provident Fund Schemes

Crystal Welfare Plan

Putting in place a welfare plan for your employees indicates to them that you value them. This increases their morale and boosts their productivity. The Crystal Welfare Plan is a unique welfare plan structured to provide optimum support to employees and to ensure their general welfare at all times.

The Crystal Welfare Plan has 3 components:

Crystal Provident Fund Schemes

We provide tailored fund management services for companies to help promote well-being of employees in the long-term.

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Benefits of the Welfare Plan & Provident Fund Schemes

  • Improves staff retention.
  • Rewards your staff with tailored end of service benefits.
  • Flexible terms and conditions tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Rewards employee loyalty and productivity.
  • Access to investment income irrespective of retirement date or benefits status.
  • Gives your employees retirement income security.
  • Provides emergency funds in case of loss of employment.
  • Helps to achieve personal goals eg. Buying a house or going on vacation.
  • Tax-exempt contributions and investment income.
  • Ability to secure loans with contributions as security.

With the feeling of solidarity that the Crystal Welfare Plan & Provident Fund Schemes provides, employees are bound to feel happier and will have an increased drive to work as a team towards the achievement of your company’s goals.

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